The applicant would need to send CV, Cover Letter, Personal Photo, and if a current student, detailed and accurate information, with regard to the requirements of the university or college to Place Rec USA. These documents would be looked at, and if fine sent to New Zealand Internships. Also Place Rec USA would invoice a deposit of £151 to the applicant. This would be refunded if a placement can not be found for the applicant. However if the applicant dropped out at the interview stage then the deposit would not be returned

The applicant would be welcomed to the placement service of New Zealand Internships. The company would use their best endeavours to find the most appropriate placement.

Once successfully placed, the applicant would obtain the Working Holiday Visa  online. However if the applicant comes from a country where there are quotas for such a Visa, then the Intern would need to have the Visa before applying. Also if  the Visa application is denied, New Zealand Internships is allowed to charge an administration fee of £182.

New Zealand Internships will provide arrival information including pick up from airport and orientation. The company would help with any issues during the placement, ensure the applicant clearly understands the responsibilities and requirements of the placement and host organisation. New Zealand Internships will monitor the applicant during the placement.