Place Rec AUS/NZ is an agency that works in partnership with well respected Australia and New Zealand sponsors. It recruits applicants on work placements throughout Australia and New Zealand. Various positions in front office, food and beverage, and recreation can be found for the applicants in our job section. Examples are as follows:

  • Reception Positions in New Zealand and Australia
  • Fine Diner Server Positions in New Zealand and Australia
  • Culinary Positions in New Zealand and Australia
  • Customer Service and Food and Beverage Positions in Tourist Attractions of Australia.

Place Rec AUS/NZ will help the applicant though the whole process of gaining a work placement in AUS/NZ. These are the various stages:

  • Initial application;
  • Interviews with agency and prospective employer;
  • Offer of work placement;
  • Clarifying departure details.