AHA priority is to ensure that all their participants enjoy safe, healthy and well monitored cultural exchange experiences in the U.S.

The following information, taken from the AHA site, lists what participants can expect from AHA and their hosts.

During their programs, participants can expect:

  • A safe, healthy and legal work environment.
  • A safe, healthy and legal living situation.
  • Opportunities to interact with Americans on a regular basis.
  • Protection of their legal rights under United States immigrant, labor, and employment laws.
  • Fair treatment and payment practices.
  • Right to keep passport and other documents in their possession.
  • Right to report abuse without retaliation.
  • Right to contact the J-1 Visa Emergency Helpline of the U.S. Department of State.
  • Right not to be held in a job against their will.
  • Right to end their programs and return to their home countries.
  • Right to request help from unions, labor rights groups and other groups.

Participants Can Also Expect the Following Support From AHA Throughout Their Programs:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance 305-395-8881
  • Serving as a reliable resource for general information, support, assistance and mentoring.
  • Resources and guidance to help them engage in cultural learning and American daily life.
  • At a minimum, monthly contact and monitoring.
  • Vetting and conducting due diligence to verify each host employer.
  • Acting as a neutral advocate to help resolve any disputes that occur.
  • Accident and Sickness insurance that meets or exceeds J-1 Visa regulatory requirements.